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Ready to get started on your dream?

It's so fun to get an idea for a new company!  

Know what's even more fun..?

Getting the very first shirts printed with your design on them.  

Holding them in your hands.  

Showing your shirts to your friends.

Posting pictures of them on your website.

Walking down the street one day, and seeing someone wearing YOUR shirt.

Opening your bank account & seeing the money from that new sale landing into your account.

Now *that* is awesome!

This "Step-by-Step Guide to Your First $10k in T-Shirt Sales" course shows you how to do just that.  

From creating your designs, to how to get shirts printed, to creating your perfect website.  

The course is brought to you by people who really know:  

Dan Caldwell, Co-Founder of TapouT, and Andrea Lake, Founder of Delinquent (which owned sales rights for merchandise for Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead, etc.).  

Both Dan and Andrea have sold millions and millions of t-shirts & they're revealing their best formulas for success & secrets to you. 

This course will take you from idea to reality, and get you up and running.

From the comfort of the chair you're sitting in right now, you're going learn:

  • How to use TeeSpring, Amazon Merch, Printify & CustomCat 
  • Creating Your Brand 101
  • How to get inside the mind of your customers & why that's important
  • Figuring out which designs will sell
  • How to test your t-shirt designs without spending a ton of money
  • The biggest reasons t-shirt companies fail (and how to avoid them)
  • Creating an awesome logo
  • Best tips for negotiating with graphic designers and web developers
  • How to create an amazing website on a budget

Everyone wants a website that looks like a million bucks for $500 - $3,000.  We show you how to get that.

This course is a total steal at $197.

We wanted you to be able to invest in your success without breaking the bank.  

As if the videos in the course weren't enough, there are BONUSES!

  • FREE copy of Dan & Andrea's e-book:  How to Build a T-Shirt Empire
  • Free PDF download:  Who is Your Customer? Avatar Exercise 
  • Free PDF download:  What Defines My Brand?  Brand Exercise

This is the perfect course if you want to start a t-shirt company, OR if you've already started, but are doing less than $10k a year in sales.

If that wasn't enough...we have one more BONUS for you:

  • FREE LIVE Group Coaching Call with Dan & Andrea!  This *free* one hour coaching call answering your questions live.

Start Your T-Shirt Company Today is a $997 value, and it's yours today for only $197.  

Click the "YES!! I'm ready for MY first $10k in sales!" button above and sign up NOW!

We can't wait to see you inside!